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5 most iconic cocktails and how to make them

Weekends in Sim’s World are synonymous with some tasty cocktails. I’m not sure what it is about these drinks that are so appealing to me? The pretty glasses, the catchy names, the high alcohol percentage (just kidding mom)… All I know is that they make for pretty awesome Instagram props and some awesome nights out.

Something about the cocktail has gained it a bit of a reputation as a sophisticated and trendy little drink. But do you know which 5 cocktails are the most iconic? Read on to find out what they are, how to make each of them and when it’s the best time to drink it:

1. Old Fashioned

Currently sitting at the number one spot of Business Insider’s “50 best-selling cocktails in the world 2019” list, the Old Fashioned as we know it today, takes us back all the way to 1880 to the widely renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel’s bar where the recipe was made popular. The historic hotel, situated in Manhattan, New York City, has hosted decades of fashionable dinner parties, has been the backdrop to numerous movies and series and has hosted a long list of notable guests from royal families to Hollywood royalty. It is therefore obvious that a drink that was created with such a glamorous influence couldn’t be anything less than one of the most fashion-forward drinks around despite its ironic title.

Best time to have it: After a long day. Sipping it slowly while either reflecting alone or with a lover.

How to make it:

Recipe reworked from Kitchenswagger

2. Classic Daiquiri

Funny, when a Daiquiri comes to mind, I immediately picture a tall, pink drink. This is however not the original version of the cocktail which has been a party-starter in America since the 1900s. During the thirties, it became a big part of Tiki party culture which is where it’s tropical off-springs probably originate from. In the 1980s the drink became part of another popular party scene and city, New Orleans. This cocktail is so popular that you can find multiple Daiquiri dedicated bars in New Orleans to this day with some of them even being drive-through! Imagine that, getting your daiquiri to go on your way to meet your friends. We’ve also come a long way since the original and plain lime juice flavour, with some modern flavours including Fruit Loop, Cotton Candy and Pineapple Express. With its roots so deeply embedded into the party culture, a Daiquiri is a must on the menu of any unforgettable summer party. Which flavour is up to you!

Best time to have it:
In the summer, on holiday while getting ready to go out.

How to make it:

Recipe reworked from Brio.

3. Martini

Shaken or stirred? The age-old question…but what if I told you that Martinis were originally thrown? So throw everything you know about Martinis out the window and read on. According to an article posted by Buzzfeed in 2016, throwing drinks is a way of mixing that goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. They also mention that the Incas used to do this to froth their drinking chocolate which by the way sounds amazing – can we get a recipe for this anywhere Buzzfeed? Back to everyone’s favourite activity, throwing Martinis. This method consists of pouring the liquid ingredients from one, very high held cup/mixer into a very low held cup/mixer. By doing this, the mixture is aerated and filled with texture. The controversy surrounding the serving suggestion of this drink, its multiple movie and book appearances, as well as its alcoholic bite, makes the Martini a must-have on the list!

Best time to have it: With your BFF colleague, to unwind after a big meeting or office gossip catch-up.

How to make it:

4. Cosmopolitan

Probably the most obvious cocktail on the list. Thanks to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, the Cosmopolitan is your go-to drink on a girls’ night in or out. But before the pink drink was a symbol of mom’s night off, it was already popular in high society in the 1980s and 90’ with celebrity hangouts like The Odeon serving it while hosting SNL casting parties and Rainbow Room mixing it up for the queen of pop, Madonna. Even though the drink has experienced some backlash from critics who believe that the Cosmo does not deserve the title of a cocktail, I think millions of woman out there would disagree and that’s why it’s staying on our list of legendary cocktails.

Best time to have it: Girls’ night, there simply isn’t any better way to bond.

How to make it:

Recipe reworked from Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps.

5. Aperol Spritz

It simply is the summer drink of 2019 which means the list wouldn’t be complete without it. Although it’s making a comeback, the Italian drink has been around for 100 years. And to celebrate its centenary, the brand has gone full-on iconic, printing limited edition labels with modern designs, unveiling urban art pieces in Padova (where the drink originated) and even releasing a graphic novel with the main character obviously being the refreshing drink. Apart from its reputation, the ingredients itself already make this cocktail so unique. Firstly, the pop of orange, thanks to the Aperol of course, makes it a favourite for pictures. The drink simply looks fun. Plus, then you still add Prosecco which gives the drink an added touch of glamour and sophistication. And the combination of all of this gives you the hottest drink of 2019.

Best time to have it: Apertivo Hour. Occurs every day at sunset in Italian culture when people enjoy an aperitif, light snacks and good conversation.

How to make it:

Recipe reworked from Aperol Spritz.


Okay, so I know this was going to be the top 5 most iconic cocktails but I decided to give you a bonus recipe because in Sim’s World the drink of choice is always a Long Island Iced Tea. Personally, I don’t have much time for short cocktails when I go out. Before you know it you need to order another round and cocktails are not known for their cheap prices. Long Islands are always tall and therefore you always get bang for your buck, especially if you’re hitting happy hour. Plus, these five spirit concoction is not to be messed with. This yet again, in my eyes, makes it the most value for money cocktail out there. 

Best time to have it: Literally anytime, any place, anywhere. This has been tried and tested by me. Do however pace yourself, it’s a strong one!

How to make it:

Recipe reworked from A Better Cocktail.

Have you picked your cocktail of choice for the weekend? Let me know which drink you’ll be sipping on in the comments below.

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