About Sim

Stylish women sitting on table with a cocktail at a restaurant

I’m Sim, recently unemployed turned newbie blogger, emphasis on the new part. I’m not here to be an expert, I’m here to learn new personal skills, try out new things and hopefully inspire a few people along the way. Sim’s World is all about having fun and sharing those fun experiences with you, so if that’s something that sounds good to you, I hope you stick around!

Ready to jump down the rabbit hole? Yes? Great onward to my blog where you can read about all the different topics that I find interesting and enjoy exploring. You can expect style and beauty trends, recipes I’ve tried out, places I’ve been to and a few wildcard posts to keep things fun! Grab your coffee (or cocktail) and start reading.

I don’t just like to write, I also like to sing! So if you want to hear what I sound like covering some of my favourite songs, Sim Sings is the place to find it! Full disclaimer, I am definitely not a professional singer but hey, I’ also not a professional writer so at least we’re sticking with a theme here.

One thing I actually do professionally is digital marketing. I’ve been working as a digital marketing specialist for over 5 years now and I’ve had some exciting brands as clients in various industries including automotive, events, radio, travel, luxury, lifestyle and retail. If you want to know more about my previous work experience and education, I’ve nicely summed it all up for you there.

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