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My first YouTube video

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve constantly been learning new skills. First, it was figuring out WordPress and how to host a website. Then I had to do research on how to put my blog together, how to write the articles and of course how to reach people with my content.

After going through all these steps I thought it was time for another challenge, starting my own YouTube channel. Although I do enjoy writing, I found myself drawn more and more to all the creators on YouTube and with digital trends constantly emphasising the popularity of video, I definitely think it’s a good platform to be on.

From my experience in digital marketing, I understand YouTube as a platform quite well and from my hours of binge-watching all kinds of videos I’ve picked up on what I enjoy watching the most and figured out what type of content would fit Sim’s World would. Only problem was, I had absolutely no experience in filming or editing video content at all. But the internet is a wonderful place and I taught myself the basics on a free video editing program, Lightworks in about 2 weeks.

For now I am trying to keep my costs as low as possible by using free tools and my cell phone camera. I did, however, buy a cell phone tripod, selfie stick and a cute little microphone but I decided to go for less premium products and therefore I didn’t have to spend too much money to get things started.

I hope you enjoy my very first attempt at putting together a video piece and if you do, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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